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A direct, cost-effective way to determine site-specific cloud seeding
possibilities, without obligation to conduct a project.

         The design of every cloud seeding project should be based upon careful consideration of the various important factors which a) characterize the project area and its weather and b) reflect the sponsor's specific needs and circumstances.  The potential for beneficial cloud seeding can vary significantly from region to region, so caution must be used in "transferring" apparent results from one project area to a prospective project area.  Further, the ability to manage the water resources, e.g., reservoir distribution and capacity, can vary greatly from one area to another.

         NAWC's philosophy is to carefully assess all the relevant factors and then tailor each project, thus providing the best-suited, practical solutions to our clients.

         To limit the prospective client's cost exposure when seriously considering a cloud seeding project, but without client obligation to conduct a project, we offer "Phase 1" feasibility studies.  These studies are focused and site-specific.  The intent is to provide decision makers objective information regarding cloud seeding potential for their area of interest, the likely benefits and the estimated costs.  The value of the project can be compared to the cost, to produce useful benefit/cost estimates.  The decision makers can then assess whether the prospective project constitutes a viable and attractive solution to their needs and fits their circumstances.

         The key steps in the Phase 1 study process include:

  • Consultation with the client regarding specific needs and circumstances
  • Review of the area climatology
  • Determination of the area's primary cloud system types, their usual frequency of occurrence and their apparent seeding potential
  • Consideration of the most appropriate, practical and effective seeding methods and materials
  • Development of a preliminary operational project design
  • Investigation of practical aspects, such as equipment requirements and locations, flight possibilities or limitations
  • Assessment of the potential for evaluation of the project effectiveness
  • Identification of possible supplementary research activities, if desired by the client
  • Provision of cost estimates for a best-suited project
  • Estimation of the magnitude of the seeding effects
  • Consultation with the client regarding the value of the seeding effects, toward development of benefit/cost estimates
  • Provision of a feasibility study report

         The bottom line is that a) we listen carefully, b) we do our homework, c) we address your specific needs, d) we identify practical solutions and e) we produce a tailored package for your consideration.  With this information, you can assess the utility of the cloud seeding possibilities for your area and needs and make a well-informed decision.  If the Phase 1 indications are not favorable or if for any reason the client chooses not to proceed, the process simply stops, with no additional obligation.  However, if the Phase 1 indications are attractive to the client, the process can then move toward implementation.

         For more information regarding our Phase 1 feasibility services or any other of our full-range of weather modification services, please contact either Don Griffith or Mark Solak.  We would be happy to discuss your cloud seeding interests and provide cost estimates if you elect to work with us.  We are here to help!

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